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Brasil Locations have been providing production services since 2008. With offices in Hamburg, New York and Ilheus, our growing in-house team comes with over 25 years of combined local and international production experience and an unrivalled knowledge/know how.

Hannes Deter

Hannes Deter


Executive Producer

After running through all Production stages in the commercial film business, Hannes decided in 2008 to open up his own business in the Photography world. He was always fascinated by stills and still is.

He's produced in almost every country of the world and his knowledge and charisma will run your production smoothly in almost every situation. 

Fluent in German & English

Frederic Louis

Frederic Louis



Fred travelled all the world to find his place to be in Itacare, Bahia

He worked as a model in Europe & South America. He used to work as a photographer`s  assistant in Brasil the last 13 years.

Here he founded his little dream of life. His Fazenda GRANSOL. Besides helping to find the best Spots in Bahia, he`s teaching young People how to grow fruits and vegetables in a sustainable way and to preserve the Brasilian rainforest.

Fluent in French, Portuguese , Spanish and English.